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On the Issues


Protecting Freedom: Ensuring Reproductive Rights for All Women

As your Senator, I will be dedicated to safeguarding the freedom for women to make informed decisions about their health and futures. This commitment transcends political divides, touching the core of what it means to live in a free society. It’s about ensuring that every woman in West Virginia and across this great nation retains the right to privacy, to healthcare, and to choose. In the Senate, I will steadfastly advocate for legislation that protects these rights and restores the balanced framework that Roe v. Wade provided, ensuring that reproductive healthcare remains a decision between a woman and her doctor.


Strengthening the Backbone: Empowering the Middle Class and Supporting Unions

In the heart of Appalachia, our middle class has been the driving force of progress and the shield against the tides of adversity. Yet today, we find this force waning under the strain of economic inequality and a rapidly changing job market. Our unions, once the barricade of workers’ rights, are grappling with policies that threaten to erode their hard-fought gains. I will stand firm in the Senate to champion legislation that revitalizes our middle class and not only protects but also strengthens organized labor’s power of collective bargaining. This means advocating for labor laws that meet the moment—laws that protect the right to organize, promote fair wages, and ensure a safe workplace. It’s about building an economy where prosperity is shared, where every West Virginian can find stable ground and reach for new heights.


Healthcare for All: Ensuring Affordable and Accessible Medical Care

The mountains of West Virginia should echo with the sound of prosperity, not the despair of those who cannot afford their medical bills. Our state, beloved yet troubled by health disparities, demands a champion who will stand up for comprehensive healthcare reform. My mission in the Senate will be to spearhead policies that expand Medicaid, support rural hospitals, and bring down prescription drug costs. Let’s unite to deliver a healthcare system that is as resilient and enduring as the people it serves.


Protecting Our Promise: Safeguarding Social Security and Senior Rights

Our seniors, who have given their best years to building a brighter future for us all, deserve to retire with the dignity and security they have earned. Yet, today, they face an uncertain future as the pillars of Social Security and Medicare show signs of strain. In the Senate, I will oppose any attempts to undermine these critical programs and will work tirelessly to improve and expand them by making sure they have sustainable funding sources.  From protecting pensions to ensuring affordable access to healthcare, including long-term care and prescription drugs, my vision is clear: to craft policy that treats our elders with the reverence they deserve, providing a secure and vibrant quality of life.


Honoring Our Heroes: Expanding Opportunities and Care for Veterans

These men and women have answered the nation’s call without hesitation, and it is a sacred duty to ensure they return to a home that honors their service with more than just words. I will fight for improved access to healthcare for all veterans, ensuring that our V.A. facilities not only meet but exceed the needs of our heroes. Beyond healthcare, our veterans deserve robust support as they reintegrate into civilian life, including job training programs, educational opportunities, and community support systems that recognize and respect their unique contributions to our country and our commonwealth. We owe them a debt of gratitude.


Revitalizing Industry: Boosting Manufacturing and Fair Trade Policies

West Virginia has fueled and forged the nation, yet our workers find themselves at a crossroads, facing a future where old industries wane and new technologies rise. My vision involves harnessing our traditional manufacturing prowess while pivoting towards the industries of the future. In the Senate, I will fight for policies that drive innovation, support fair trade that benefits our workers, and craft foreign policies that protect American interests from foreign dumping and other anti-competitive practices and promote global stability. Our work ethic is unmatched; our policies should match this strength. Let’s lay the groundwork for a renaissance in American manufacturing, right here in West Virginia, for generations to come.


Supporting Families: Boosting Manufacturing and Fair Trade Policies

For the hardworking families of West Virginia, accessible and affordable child care is not just another policy—it is a lifeline. It is the assurance that their children are in safe hands while they contribute to our state’s prosperity. Yet for too many, this necessity remains out of reach. I will strive to change this reality. My mission in the Senate will be to advocate for comprehensive child care solutions that support our families, fortify our workforce, and foster our future. This means championing policies that subsidize child-care costs, enhance the quality of care, and build the infrastructure of care facilities our state desperately needs. It’s time to ensure that child care becomes a cornerstone of our social infrastructure, as fundamental as the roads we travel on and the bridges that connect us.


KEEPING OUR FUTURE BRIGHT:  Strategies to Retain and Engage Our Youth

We need a concerted strategy to retain our young talent and ensure they see a future in West Virginia—in the state they call home. I am committed to building pathways that connect education to local careers, investing in tech and innovation hubs that keep our brightest minds engaged, and enhancing cultural and recreational options that make staying in West Virginia not just a viable choice, but the preferred one. We must create an environment where our youth can flourish and see opportunities in their own communities.


Home for Every West Virginian: Affordable Housing Solutions for Our Communities

In West Virginia, the right to a roof over one’s head is fundamental. Yet, affordable housing remains out of reach for too many, as families grapple with stagnating wages and rising costs. My vision is clear: to implement housing policies that increase affordability, enhance housing quality, and expand accessibility for all our residents. We will work to incentivize new developments, refurbish our historic buildings into livable spaces, and provide grants to first-time homebuyers. A home for every West Virginian is not just a goal; it is a commitment to the stability and prosperity of our families and our future.


Voices from the Fields: Elevating and Empowering Rural Communities

Our rural communities often lack the support they need to thrive in a changing economic landscape. I am committed to changing that narrative by championing policies that support agricultural innovation, expand rural healthcare, bridge the digital divide, and preserve the natural beauty of our countryside. We will invest in infrastructure that connects our rural areas to the broader economy, fostering opportunities that keep these communities vibrant. Together, we can ensure the voices from the fields are heard and that rural West Virginia continues to be a cornerstone of our state’s identity and economy.


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